Thursday, September 30, 2010

For starters...

       Well holy hot damn... I have my own damn blog now! That's nice and all, but I'm no good with introductions and shit-tier mechanical small-talk. So I'll get right to the fucking point/s:

          1. NO, I DON'T do consoles, they give me eye cancer; except the PS3... That's the least retarded one of the three contenders (In case you're over 40 and/or retarded and don't know the other 2, there's the Xbox360 and the Nintendoh Wee).
          2. Don't bitch about the way I explain shit, or the swears. If you do, I'll just be busy not caring.
          3. TROLLS GTFO.

       There, I think that's everything. Heh, not bad for a first post.

        Also, I will be supplying a daily dosage of fine-ass wallpapers, so make sure t' get 'em, they're bad-ass, trust me.  (GAMING wallpapers of course; no porn here, brahs)


  1. Why yes... Yes, really, my good man.

  2. Moar ppl need to limit their pages to 5 posts, slows things down in a media-rich environment.

  3. Hell YEAH, Looking forward to seeing some reviews and the wallpapers. Btw the way dont think we met yet :D

  4. You are right, good sir, we haven't. I am Catz; Pleased to meet you.

  5. I'm just here for the wallpaperz ;)